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Fountain Solution Concentrates

We Consider the Word "Solution" as Most Important

Fountain solution is frequently underestimated what influence on offset printing is concerned. The correct product is as important as adequate maintenance. Whereas it is pretty simple to have a supplier recommend the best product, it is quite a bit more complicated to establish an effective maintenance and monitoring plan for keeping up undisturbed production and stable print quality.

Most competitors are offering only ink or only dampening additives, and many of them don't even produce or know about formulations. hubergroup is developing and producing both, ink and fountain solution concentrates - and in addition to that, we offer seminars on how to deal with the challenge of checking, monitoring and maintaining fountain solutions.

It goes without saying, that water analysis and recommendations are part of the daily routine in hubergroups service package. Knowing the chemistry of the ink and the water, including all their interactions, makes our packages to be so successful. Sometimes we hear that we are not as cheap as others, but with respect to price-value relation, our customers wouldn't agree.

Enhance your productivity with the perfect package of performance! See some of our most powerful allrounders below and ask for specials if you can't find a product matching your application. 

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